A Real Estate transaction facilitator guides the process from start to finish, aiding consumers, corporations, municipalities, and investors in acquiring or selling Real Estate.

We leverage our expertise in transactions, services, and advocacy to deliver solutions in real estate transactions and promote sustainable homeownership.

Our aim is to deliver outstanding service and become a reliable resource that:
- Clients endorse to family and friends;
- Practitioners rely on for their clients' needs;
- Establishes a team of Real Estate Professionals who take great pride in their expertise, service, and advocacy.

United in our mission, we strive to make a significant difference in the communities we serve. 

A name that might be familiar to you.

S&RENITY is a branch of the Sanchez & Rivera family of companies, headquartered in Chicago. It has partnered with Sanchez & Rivera Title to offer a range of services tailored to real estate transactions, from start to finish.

Sanchez & Rivera Title, established in 1995, earned the distinction of being the first Hispanic Title Company in the United States. Over the years, it has successfully completed thousands of transactions for clients across the country.

The proficiency, achievements, and growth of Sanchez & Rivera Title have led to the establishment of S&RENITY. 

Experienced service providers play an important role to a successful transaction.

S&RENITY does not offer services provided by a Realtor® or Lender.
Our clients often request recommendations and entrust our experience and expertise to assist in their choice of their Real Estate Practitioners.

The team at S&RENITY boasts over 20 years of experience in diverse aspects of real estate transactions, encompassing lending, buying or selling property, title/escrow services, and legal representation. Our clients can rely on S&RENITY as a dependable partner every step of the way.

Our aim is to equip our clients with comprehensive knowledge and clear expectations regarding every facet of their transaction. This includes a commitment to industry expertise, efficiency, and transparency on the part of their Real Estate Practitioner.