S&RENITY, a division of the Sanchez & Rivera Family of Companies was recently established on December 10, 2020. S&RENITY is a Real Estate Transaction Management facilitator, expert, and trusted provider of real estate services to consumers and Real Estate Practitioners.

“Our customers over the years requested that we create a transaction management service model based on their experience with the business model which has provided exceptional service, trust and success when working with Sanchez & Rivera Title for the past 25 years” said Mauricio Sanchez CEO and Founder of Sanchez & Rivera family of companies. “

From the inception to the closing of the real estate transaction, our goal is to provide efficiency, transparency, and the one stop expertise and resource for our clients as they purchase, sell and/or invest in commercial or residential properties”. In addition, S&RENITY will assist with 1031 exchanges, corporate employee homeownership programs, zoning appeals/changes, and a variety of real estate services for their customers.

S&RENITY does not offer Real Estate Broker or Lender services but will serve as a resource and assist their clients with identifying the practitioners who meet the expectations and expertise that will result in a transparent, efficient, and successful transaction. Team members at S&RENITY average more than 20 years of experience in a variety of areas pertaining to the real estate transaction which include lending, purchase or sale of real estate, title/escrow, and legal representation. In addition to facilitating the Real Estate transaction. S&RENITY’s mission is to advocate for sustainable homeownership and assist in wealth building opportunities for their clients.

The following press release on December 9, 2020 is an example of the company’s commitment to their mission. NES Financial | JTC a company based in San Jose; CA. issued a press release announcing their collaboration with Sanchez & Rivera Title. NES Financial | JTC to Provide 1031 Exchange Accommodator Services for Sanchez & Rivera Title, LLC This announcement highlights the expansion of services to our clients nationwide.

The 1031 exchange service is an example of Sanchez’s vision for the future expansion of services provided by Sanchez & Rivera Title and S&RENITY for its clients. “The 1031 Exchange provision established by the Revenue Act in 1921 has been a deferment of capital gains tax tool used frequently outside the Hispanic investor community.

The Hispanic investor in the Chicago real estate market for example is selling less than 10% of their Real Estate transactions using the 1031 exchange provision to reduce or eliminate taxes on the sale of business or investment real estate.” “As the first Hispanic Title company in the U.S., it was also really important for us to work with NES Financial | JTC as we continue to help our investors venturing into real estate ownership and investments for the first time.” said Mauricio Sanchez